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3 in 1 Hot Tap Rose Gold TT53



Brand Tuscan
Code LPTAROGO31UZ00000


3 in 1 taps & Direct tap

Bollente instant hot taps combine high performance, style and innovation with the convenience of instant steaming hot water. The 3-in-1 delivers steaming, hot and cold water from the same spout, whilst Bolente Direct is a single dispense tap delivering steaming hot water only.

Features and benefits of both models –

  • Suitable for use with any worktop – including laminate
  • Tap, tank and filter all included in one box
  • Non-pressurised system, meaning no spitting or spluttering
  • An inbuilt safety mechanism ensures boiling water is not accidentally dispensed
  • Suitable for DIY or professional installation
  • 2-year guarantee covers parts and labour subject to a filter change every six months
  • WRAS approved

Bollente 3-in-1 – Cold, Hot & Steaming

The 3-in-1 tap offers a sleek U-spout design and are available in a choice of 5 stylish finishes. An invisible appliance that frees up worksurface space, delivering steaming hot and cold water from the same spout.

Bollente Direct – Instant steaming water

Offering the convenience of steaming hot water in an instant, this tap is ideal for making hot drinks on demand. Bollente Direct is the perfect option for use alongside a regular tap – the classic chrome finish and stylish J-spout ensure if suits any kitchen

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